Farzana Jamali’s  fake Harassment Case Dismissed by Ombudsman

Farzana Jamali’s fake Harassment Case Dismissed by Ombudsman

Farzana Jamali’s case has been under the trail for almost 8 months. Now the case concluded to be baseless and withdrawn from the court of ombudsman. After filing the case, she was not appearing before the court to follow her case. Later on based on evidences the case was dismissed.

Almost 8 months ago, Social media and Pakistan’s leading news channels created hype of Farzana Jamali Harassment case. On 2nd September, 2018 Farzana Jamali in her press conference accused Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University’s (SBBU) HOD Department of English and Vice chancellor for harassment. Soon the video of her press conference went viral on social media and then covered by different news channels. 

In a press conference Lect. Aamir Khattak explained that, her father attacked him on 1st September, while He was on his way back to home . Aijaz jamali (girl’s father) along with few men blocked his way injuring him badly and also threatened him. Lecturer Aamir Khattak went to nearest police station to lodge an FIR against him.

He added that I being the Chairman of Department the duty to assure the attendance of the student. She remained absent for more than a week including some other students. So, I notified all of them to explain their reason for being absent and assure to attend classes in future. She was one of them and the only student who did not responded in a responsible way. So I told her to get out of the class. She immediately left the lecture room ranting, ” lets see whats going to happen now” 

Police registered the case under sections, Attempt to murder & Act of terrorism and arrested Aijaz jamali from his home. When her father has been arrested. she conducted a press conference accusing Lect. Aamir Khattak for harassment. She demanded for a fair trail and justice. On her request CM Sindh and IG sindh took notice of the incident and ordered a fair investigation of this matter.Under influence of PTI MPA Aleem Adil Sheikh a complaint was lodged against Lecturer and Vice Chancellor under section 506 and 509. Without considering the facts Aleem Adil Sheikh talked to media saying ” Due to poor character of man like the head of English department, Aamir Khattak, our girls avoid getting higher education “.Lecturer was suspended and VC chancellor resigned from his position.

Her father was also released from jail on the same day. Then he started campaign to demand justice for her daughter. On 29 September a blast occured  near Habib Sugar Mills in Shaheed Benazirabad Two persons reportedly Zohaib Jamali and Arif Panhwar were booked by the police for planting the explosive which injured Zohaib Jamali himself. The family called this pressure tactics which are being used to abstain them from following the case of sexual harassment.

Three inquiry committees formed on this matter including Women commission Sindh found no truth in her story, but she still insisted to pursue the the case against the lecturer and VC. Now after repeated absence to court hearings the provincial Ombudsman dismissed her case for not being the true as evident from video footages and her constant absence in the court as well as attempts to settle the matter were being made by the family.

Women are important part of our society and every person is expected to treat them respectfully. But when girls like Farzana Jamali misuse their rights given by constitution of Pakistan to destroy someone’s respect and life then its very difficult to deal with such women in public and official dealings. Because she might use her rights in a wrong way. Farzana Jamali is likely to face defamation suit by the Lecturer and VC for the loss she made to them by fake accusation made by her.


  1. Is there any copy of the ombudsman order dismaying Farzana case please?

    1. Yes ! it will be available soon

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