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Dairy Farming : Status of Milk Production in Pakistan

Dairy Farming : Status of Milk Production in Pakistan

Pakistan is the 4th Largest Milk producer of the world. According to FAO statistics Milk output in Pakistan has increased 3% from 44294 (2017) to 45623  (2018) thousand tonnes (FAO, 2019). On the other hand India milk production increased by 5.6 % in 2018.  The improvement in production is owed to better collection process and increase in the number of herds. In Pakistan Buffalo being the best player sharing approximately 60% in total milk production. Pakistan have two known breeds according to better milk production Nili-Ravi  Buffalo ( The black Gold of Pakistan) and Kundi Buffalo.  Following chart shows  the milk production status in the world

Source : FAO ; World Milk Production

Census conducted by L&DD Punjab to collect real time verifiable data: The total number of animals was 73,677,851 (>73 million numbers) including 14.9 million cattle , 14.1 million buffalo The data collected also showed that Muzaffargarh having highest population of cattle 1,272,637 numbers, Faisalabad having highest number of Buffalo 968,983 number of heads. Among the total number of buffalo and Cattle (cows) 6,378,925 and 6,423,492 were in lactation respectively. (L&DD Punjab,2018)


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